Situated in the south-south geopolitical zone of Nigeria, Akwa Ibom State was made in 1987. The state has a place with one of the oil delivering conditions of the Niger Delta and it has a populace of 3,920,208 and a land range of 6,900 sq Km. The state is comprised of thirty one (31) nearby government territories and these are Abak, Eastern-Obolo, Eket, Nsit-Atai, Esit Eket, Essien-Udim, Etim-Ekpo, Etinan, Ibeno, Ibesikpo-Asutan, Ibiono-Ibom, Ika, Ikono, Ikot-Abasi, Ikot-Ekpene, Ini, Itu, Mbo, Mkpat-Enim, Nsit-Ibom, Nsit-Ubium, Obot-Akara, Okobo, Onna, Oron, oruk-Anam, Udung-Uko, Ukanafun, Uruan, Urue offong/Oruk, Uyo.


Before it was made, Akwa Ibom State was some time ago a piece of the South-Eastern state inside the old Eastern Area of Nigeria. Following the 1976 state creation, it turned out to be a piece of Cross Waterway State before a further rebuilding of the Nigerian Organization saw the introduction of Akwa Ibom as a state in 1987.

Individuals and Culture


Akwa Ibom State is comprised of a homogenous gathering of individuals accepted to have started from a solitary familial stock. The dialects talked in the state are firmly related, and the Annang and Ibibio dialects are generally indistinguishable with a couple of argumentative contrasts. The Eket and Ibeno dialects are more firmly identified with each other than to the next two, and are just mostly reasonable by speakers of the other two dialects.

The Ibibio are the biggest gathering, while the Annang, which frame the second biggest gathering, talk a dialect fundamentally the same as the Ibibio Dialect. Ibeno and Eket talk a comparative dialect, and are situated by the sea. The Ibibio dialect has a place with the Benue-Congo dialect family, which frames some portion of the Niger-Congo gathering of dialects.

The social comparability among the general population of the state is additionally typified in legends, melodies, moves, nourishment, convictions and folklore. The general population are dominatingly of the Christian confidence albeit some local African religions are by and by to some degree.

Akwa Ibom individuals are agriculturists, specialists, and shippers. A larger part of the country people take part in cultivating. Other customary occupations of the general population are angling, exchanging, chasing, wood-cutting, raffia works, blacksmithing, stoneware, press works, fitting, and specialties creation.

Geography: Akwa Ibom State is situated in the south-south locale of the nation with a land mass range of 7,081km square. It is flanked toward the east by Cross Stream State, circumscribed toward the north by Abia State, circumscribed toward the West by Abia and Waterway States and flanked toward the south by Atlantic Sea. With a sea front which traverses a separation of 129 kilometers from Ikot Abasi in the west to Oron in the east, Akwa Ibom presents a photo of enrapturing waterfront, mangrove woodland and delightful sandy shoreline resorts.

Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria



The state is arranged in the north of the Equator and inside the damp tropics and its nearness to the ocean makes the state by and large sticky. The state has an exceptionally quiet tropical atmosphere, set apart by two particular seasons – the blustery and dry seasons.

The state encounters copious precipitation with high temperature and the mean yearly temperature of the state lies between 260 C and 280 C, while mean yearly precipitation ranges from 2000 mm to 3000 mm, contingent upon the territory. Most extreme mugginess is generally recorded in July while the base happens in January. Thick cloud cumulonimbus sort is generally experienced in the long stretches of Spring to November.

The atmosphere of the state takes into consideration good development and extraction of farming and timberland items, for example, palm deliver, elastic, cocoa, rice, cassava, yam, plantain, banana, maize, and timber.

Urban areas and Towns


Other critical urban communities and towns incorporate Uyo, Oron, Abaki, Etinan, Ikot Abasi, Ikot Ekpene, Itu, Mkpat-Enin, Ukanafun, Ibeno, Ibiono-Ibom, Nsitubom.

Attractions: Ibeno Shoreline

This is a lovely sand shoreline which extends to James Town on the Atlantic, giving recreational offices incredible open doors for water wearing. Other great shorelines are at Eket, Ikot Abasi, Adadia, Nwaniba, Uta Ewa and Oron.

Amalgamation House

This is the famous building where Master Lugard, the provincial representative, amalgamated the Northern and Southern Protectorates in 1914, making Nigeria one topographical substance. It was additionally where truce was pronounced in 1970 to end the Nigeria Common War.

Oron Historical center, Oron

The historical center houses some finest carvings, relics, ancient rarities and other profitable artifacts, for example, disguise ensembles, customary/instruments, stoneware. The exhibition hall additionally contains an alluring, shaded water front garden where you can observe little vessels floating on the springs.

National Exhibition hall, Uyo

The national exhibition hall houses relics, curios, carvings and significant ancient pieces identified with the general population of Akwa Ibom State.

Master Lugard Home

This is a one-story cabin where Master Lugard lived amid the amalgamation time frame and it is situated inverse the amalgamation house. This site was asserted to be the principal regulatory central station of the district before it was migrated to Calabar.

Mbo Backwoods Amusement Save, Mbo

The backwoods Hold is rich in natural life, trees and indigenous plants.

Slave Experts Cabin, Okopedi, Itu

The Itu Waterway was a prestigious slave exchange course and the old breakwater still stands. There are various old jail like distribution centers where slaves were kept to anticipate shipment through the Itu Stream. The principle hold up was the living arrangement of the white slave dealers who possessed the range. This is a one-story house, much unpredictable and perfectly developed.

Presbyterian Church, Itu

The Presbyterian Church was worked by the popular teacher Mary Slessor who ceased the executing of twins among the general population of the area.

Mary Slessor House Tomb

The landmarks are spots where Mary Slessor was covered and the house she lived before her passing arranged around Ikot Oron/Itu town in the state.

Regal Niger Pontoon Yard

The vessel yard is situated behind Lugard’s home, it is a vast watercraft yard where shipper ships were manufactured and repaired. There exist some old water crafts and kayaks of all sizes in the yard which means that the broad organizations did in the zone before.

Sculptural Ladies Landmark

The sculptural landmark was raised to celebrate the chivalrous penances of ladies slaughtered in the acclaimed ladies war of 1929 against the burden of duty on ladies by the pioneer government.

Ibom Court, Uyo


The landmark which symbolizes the solidarity of the general population of Akwa Ibom State, remains in the focal point of the indirect. It is a delightful craftsmanship piece, avoided with stunning determination of extraordinarily lovely blooms. The square has an open theater, multiplied moved drinking fountain with in the court, and strip mall.

Different spots of intrigue

Mobil Tank Homestead

Ibom Association

Eating Out: Chopee


This is an outside bar and eatery is one of the Eket’s most well known night spots and it serves an extensive variety of home-cooked neighborhood dishes, for example, soups, rice and peppersoup. Football is routinely appeared on extensive screens and there is dependably a decent group. Address: RCC Street, Eket. Tel: +234 803 744 4851

Oron Exhibition hall Kitchen

The eatery at Oron Exhibition hall serves light neighborhood dishes, for example, Isi-Ewu, peppersoup and crisp buddy wine. It offers a total taste of Akwa Ibom! Address: 1 Oron Street, Oron Town

Mr Biggs

This is a best brand fast-food outlet that are everywhere throughout the nation. This outlet serves seared chicken, meat and so forth. Address: 4 Etebi Road, Eket. Tel: +234 807 773 108

Tevoli Lodgings Eatery

The eatery is a piece of Tevoli Lodging and it serves nearby, national and exiles with more than 300 dishes accessible in their menu. Contact: 8 Nsit Path, Uyo. Tel: +234 46322319, 08037849636, 07086415148

Chimes Cafeteria

This is another fast food outlet that serves nearby and mainland dishes. It additionally has a kids play corner and gives indoor and open air cooking administrations Address: Plot 5, Unit F, Ewet Lodging Bequest, Uyo. Tel: +234 8030989037

[tab:Shopping] Not yet posted

[tab:Hotels] Daaty Inns Ltd

This inn has 30 elegantly outfitted rooms with a vast meeting corridor, enormous eatery, bar, web access and it serves neighborhood and mainland dishes. Contact: Plot 4, D-Line, Ewet Lodging Domain, By AKIPOC, Uyo. Te: +234 7023652434, 07023652463.

Ultrafit Nigeria Constrained

This is a 24-room inn completely outfitted with recreational offices, for example, swimming pool, exercise center, tennis court and so forth. It likewise has meeting offices, a business focus, eatery and bar. Contact: 137/139 A Line, Ewet Lodging Bequest, Uyo. Tel: +234 8038981107

Tevoli Inns

Tevoli Inn’s rooms incorporate official suites and standard rooms all elegantly outfitted present with cordial and gracious staffs. It gives auto employ administrations, 24 hours clothing and cleaning administrations, web get to and so forth. Contact: 8 Nsit Path, Uyo. Tel: +234 46322319, 08037849636, 07086415148

Le Méridien Ibom Inn and Golf Resort

Arranged on a peak edge, with fantastic perspectives over the rain backwoods stetching to the mountains of Cameroon, Le Meridien is a 5 star inn and resort that accompanies 130 rooms, 26 suites, 7 chalets, 3 eateries and bars, gathering lobby, 11 meeting rooms, business focus, wellness club, salon and back rub, pool and jacuzzi, Marina club, tennis and squash courts, indoor diversions, night club, heliport and so forth. Read more here Contact: Nwaniba Street, PMB 1200, Uyo. Tel: +234 (0) 808 052 7411

Monty Suites

This lodging has 40 elegantly outfitted rooms with jacuzzi shower, eatery, and bar, gathering lobby, rec center, swimming pool with sit out bar, web get to and so forth. The lodging eatery serves neighborhood and mainland dishes. Contact: 37 Edet Akpan Road, Uyo. Tel: +234 7038091700, 08074089985

Zenith Premium Suites

Zenith has 10 perfectly outfitted rooms with swimming pool, cultivate bar and eatery, indoor and open air providing food administrations and so forth. Contact:Edet Akpan Road, Uyo.


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